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Kevin & Chris Explain It All

This year's Westercon is the first one in the Bay Area in twenty years. This means many attendees will be unfamiliar with things that are part of Westercon, including how we select sites for future Westercons. I'm pleased to say that johnnyeponymous and I will be giving a presentation during the Meet the Guests Reception on Saturday night of Gnomeward Bound that will make it all perfectly clear.

Because so many members of Westercon's staff will be busy running their areas during that evening, Chris and I gave the presentation at this afternoon's Westercon staff meeting. Based on the response we got there, I think it's safe to say that, even if you think you already know about how Site Selection works, you will want to come to the Meet the Guests Reception. It should be an eye-opener. Trust me on this one. Don't blow it off and go to the parties.

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