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West Coast Science Fantasy Conference
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This community is for the discussion of the West Coast Science Fantasy Conference, which has been held annually since 1948 in different cities around western North America (and Hawaii) each year around the American Independence Day weekend. A list of current Westercons, past Westercons with web sites, bids to hold the convention, and the history and bylaws of Westercon are on the Westercon Web Site.

Although "Westercon" is a registered service mark of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, Inc., LASFS does not run Westercon or actively manage it. Each year's Westercon is bid for, organized, and operated by a different group of fans, similar to the way Worldcons are selected. Discussions on this community may be about specific Westercons, or about the Westercon overall.

Warning: There is no guarantee that anyone officially associated with any particular Westercon will monitor this group.